4 Years

Here we are, four years later: the deadline of my Ph.D. The thesis is written and should be ready for submission by the end of the week. The end of an era.

The blog is called “at the threshold of a new life”, and this life is not new anymore. I am not an ola hadasha (a new emigrant) anymore, there are fewer and fewer things that surprise me (even getting “arrested” for smuggling food inside the university). So I have less to write about which explains – beside being busy writing other things – the slower pace of publication. This is why I think time has come to say good bye. Blogs are so 2010 anyway.

thanks fish

It was a lot of fun sharing with you my experiences and for sure it helped me going through rough times. So thank you to my faithful readers, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Although there were some times of doubts, there is not a single day I regret boarding this plane with my overweight luggage four years ago. I have grown and learned about life in ways that I could not imagine. I have met amazing people, Love, and made a home.

I can’t conclude this blog without looking back at all the shtuyot I wrote. So here is a list of my favorite posts, in no particular order:

You can tell me in the comments which one was your favorite (not necessarily from this list).

And now, I am ready for new adventures.

I wish you all an amazing journey. Kisses! Bisous! Nechikot! XOXO

P.S.: In case you were wondering, I now only own 16 pairs of shoes and barely wear half of them because the other have heels…

March, 8th

I hate that we need an International Women Day. Like a minority. A disease. An endangered species. A crime against humanity.

But as long as a less women than men will be engineers, politicians, astronauts, scientists, we will be a minority.

As long as our pain won’t be acknowledge, our body less well known, our illnesses not taken seriously, we will be a disease.

As long as girls will keep disappearing and women assassinated in their home, we will be an endangered species.

As long as little girls will be married, rape victims ignored or threatened, women’s right denied, it is a crime against humanity.

So don’t buy women flowers today, or give them a free coffee at the train station. Give them equal salary.

Don’t assume they are being angry because of their hormones. Listen.

Don’t tell your daughters it’s normal they are not good at math. It is not true.

Don’t tell them stories about princesses waiting to be delivered by a prince. Tell them stories of Marie Curie, Mae Jemison, Nazik Al Abid, Hedy Lamarr, etc…

Never make them feel that there are things their brothers can do and they can’t. Buy them legos, and dolls for your boys.

Teach them how to cook. But also how to fix a car.

Don’t tell them they are pretty. Ask them their political opinion.

Don’t tell them to smile. Tell them to speak up.

So that one day, we won’t need an International Women Day anymore.

And to all the strong women who show us the way, and all the strong men who give us respect and love: thank you.