So now? What do I really want?

Here you are, soon-to-be unemployed, starting asking yourself the exact same question you had six months earlier. The very reason you wanted a permanent contract was that you wouldn’t have to ask yourself this question again soon: what do you want to do with your life? You don’t know more, you just know now that working in the industry, in a field totally unrelated to what you’ve studied doesn’t fulfill you AT ALL and that you miss biology more than ever. So you take tests telling you the kind of personality you are and the jobs that could match it, you ask your friends and family, you endlessly write down lists of what you really like, and when everything converge to what you’re trying to avoid, you know you’re screwed!

The list of what I really like to do (beside spending hours on the internet, which will be difficult to monetize anyway): I like to learn, read, write, and share. There are probably only two types of jobs where you can do all these things: journalist and professor. That was perfect, I would become a scientific writer, I know I would love that! So I applied to many offers but it didn’t work out since they expect English to be your mother tongue.

I had another urge in mind: I never lived abroad. Although moving in Zurich was kind of living abroad to me: it was still Switzerland. I wanted to see something else (something in particular I must admit). And Switzerland being the most comfortable place to live, close to my parents, I thought that if I’d stay here now, I would never move. Hence I started to really look for jobs abroad. I applied for jobs in the UK and the US and, because it’s all I could apply for there, Ph.Ds in Israel.

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