Try to care less

One evening, at my parents’ table, I was complaining about how the hard work I had furnished had been rendered useless by a random decision of a new director. I was mad and complained for a fair amount of time until my father said: “You know, my daughter, it’s just a job, you are not trying to save the world here, so don’t take it too seriously.” It’s probably exactly what I needed to hear: it stroked me that I was about to become like the others, thinking that it would be the end of the world if one of our obscure products didn’t pass the safety control or was delayed by two days. I didn’t want to become one of them. I didn’t want to talk about work outside of work the same way I hated talking about courses outside of lectures when I was at university. And above all, I didn’t want to forget that I wanted to do something more meaningful. So I started detaching myself from my job, which was very good for my mood because whenever something didn’t go the way it was supposed to, my inner reaction was “I don’t care”.

I can’t say if I am a stressed person. What I know for sure is that when I am stressed, I develop all kind of psychosomatic syndromes, which might be a sign of a high level of stress, or a bad ability to manage it. But a lot of people see me as a relax person, not worrying too much for things that might freak other people out. The fact remains that on the job, people, especially my friends, saw me as someone who isn’t stressed at all and it even became a joke among us.

There are some real advantages to care less about your job: you spent six months on a project and someone tells you that due to technical reasons, the product won’t be ready for two more years so someone will have to redo the totality of your analysis anyway by then and all you did was useless? You don’t care. It took you hours to design a nice presentation for a teamwork, and everyone changes everything so that at the end there is no coherence in it? It won’t kill anyone. Your boss yells at you for absolutely no reason? Try to suck it up and see if it lasts, she was probably just having a bad day. The drawback of this is that you don’t really care about anything anymore and might lose the will to do your best, since your average is already more than enough. And the biggest downside to this is that there is no more challenge. Being a curious person, I need to learn constantly, otherwise I totally lose interest in what I am doing and will prefer to watch cat videos or read Thought Catalog while listening to music. Sooo. You don’t care anymore for a job that you didn’t really want to do in the first place anyway and you know that your contract will probably end in a few months, what do you do?

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