Et c’est parti!!

I got the answer, it’s official!! A short email on Sunday morning, saying that they were waiting for me by the beginning of March. The feeling since that moment is kind of weird. Like a relief but also a small latent stress, probably because now it’s impossible to go backward. Thus I alternate between period of excitement and mild nostalgia.

And I can’t sleep… I spent Sunday night thinking about all the issues I had to solve until 5 a.m, and at 8.30 my eyes couldn’t stay closed any more. I was hoping to catch up this night but at 7, again, the list of the things I have to organize, the people I want to say good-bye to and the small remaining stress that something could go wrong is keeping me awake. I am just hoping that it won’t last for the whole month otherwise I will be dead before I arrive there!

I need the contract, a health insurance and an address to get the visa but I also need the visa to buy the ticket, and I might not be able to have an address before knowing exactly when I will arrive… I have the feeling that my management skills will be tested thoroughly during this adventure.

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