Closing the door

Things have been crazy this month. Although I still haven’t received the final approval from the dean, I almost already have my plane ticket!

How should I start?

At first I was planning on going with a student visa for 4 years. This requires an insurance in Israel (which I don’t have), the official letter of admission from the university (which I still don’t have) and many other documents. Even if I tried all I could to hurry people and the administration, I witnessed what every one were telling me: Israeli administration is as efficient as the Soviet Russia’s. I knew there was an other option but I didn’t feel entitled to it.

In fact, every person who has at least one Jewish grand parent is allowed to invoke the Law of Return which grant them with the right to go to Israel and request the nationality, becoming an Ole Khadash, a new immigrant. Beside the advantage of not being interrogated thoroughly at the airport, a package is offered to every Ole, including the flight ticket, extra luggage, the national health insurance system and the possibility to request a scholarship, even for Ph.D. candidates. Given that I come from Switzerland and that my intern salary represented more than twice the average salary over there, I must admit that I didn’t feel I was one of those people who should receive help from the State. But my friend Eva kept telling me that I should ask for it, that Israel is a special country and that it doesn’t always work out for every body but that I should try, because I deserved it as much as the other. Another friend even told me that if I felt that the State had given me too much, I could always find a way to give back later, helping other when my turn would come. So I decided to give it a shot and apply for the Aliyah on February 19th.

Before that, I decided to leave my flat in Geneva and sell all my stuff with the idea to pay my flight. So on the Saturday 16th, I organized the sale and was hoping to get rid of all the things that I wouldn’t be able to take with me or stock at my parents’. Fewer people than foreseen came and I didn’t sell much that day. I had to move out for the Wednesday anyway so I started to pack on Tuesday. Incredibly, every thing was finally sold on Wednesday and I handed up having only what I wanted to keep left. So I moved back to my parents and gave the keys of my awesome flat back on Thursday 21st.

I must admit I was a bit sad, I started to realize that it was the end of an era, that the great life I had in Geneva, with all my friends, was about to disappear forever. But as my dear friend Axel told me “Stop being sad and think about where you will be soon, there is no reason to be sad!”.  While I was carrying a box and let my phone in the flat, I missed a call from the jewish agency. They said they had received my application and wanted to discuss with me the procedure. I was not able to call back that day and was planning to do it as soon as I had moved out…

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