Visit of the city – Shabbat

It’s cold today, there are clouds and wind so the temperature is not higher than 25°C. Better take a vest when you go out…

I don’t find the city really beautifull to be honnest. There are big roads, old neighbourhoods, and the old city I more old than antic and the fact that absolutely every thing is closed probably doesn’t help. Although I must say it’s relatively clean and there are a lot of really nice parks. And the campus is beautiful even from outside (you need students ID cards to be allowed to pass the security check point and go inside). We’ll see on another day if the rest of the city looks better.


View of the university from afar


The road leading to the old city, with a piece of a nice park on the right


The fancy new buildings. Unfortunately I don’t have picture of the old ugly one to compare


In the Old City, the Negev Museum of Art in the former Ottoman governor’s house and former mosque.


Same mosque from the other side


A replica of a water-wheel well. I couldn’t find the “Be’er Avraham” or Abraham’s Well. Next time!


When I say everything is closed I’m not kidding. Geneva on Sunday seems to be a lively city compared to that.


Be’ersheva River.
I promise, look! There is water! The bed is big so I don’t know if it’s full sometime, but for now it looks more like a cute little stream.

This last photo requires a few explanation. I had seen those along the beach in Tel Aviv but didn’t think there were present in the whole country until yesterday evening, I saw through the taxi window, a bunch of people moving weirdly until I saw the exercise machines you can see below. Apparently they are more popular when it’s dark because all of them were used then.


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