10500353_10152178586637544_5617981158123500105_nWhen watching your national team winning an important game of the World Cup and suddenly the airing is interrupted by the breaking news that the three kids who were kidnapped two weeks ago were found dead, shot multiple times, and that your friend is telling you that there might be a war next week…

Kick-the-bucket list

I just read this funny article about things you wish you’d never have to do in Israel:

So I thought I’d try and add my owns:

– Going to the post office (any time of the day, any day of the year)

– Walking outside more than 10 minutes now and for the next three months

– Get a sunburn in Eilat and going straight to the Dead Sea (did it when I was 8, never again)

– Have to listen to the conversation of some French tourists in the bus in Tel Aviv…

– Find yourself in the wrong train coming back from the airport just because the train that was suppose to arrive on your platform 3 minutes before yours is late and you mistaken it… (True story)

– Follow Google map instructions to leave Jerusalem and find yourself in front of a wall, in a “does-not-look-like-Israel-anymore place” (you guessed it: true story too)

Pleeeeaaase add yours!!!