Kick-the-bucket list

I just read this funny article about things you wish you’d never have to do in Israel:

So I thought I’d try and add my owns:

– Going to the post office (any time of the day, any day of the year)

– Walking outside more than 10 minutes now and for the next three months

– Get a sunburn in Eilat and going straight to the Dead Sea (did it when I was 8, never again)

– Have to listen to the conversation of some French tourists in the bus in Tel Aviv…

– Find yourself in the wrong train coming back from the airport just because the train that was suppose to arrive on your platform 3 minutes before yours is late and you mistaken it… (True story)

– Follow Google map instructions to leave Jerusalem and find yourself in front of a wall, in a “does-not-look-like-Israel-anymore place” (you guessed it: true story too)

Pleeeeaaase add yours!!!

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