30 signs you’ve been in Israel for too long

I read this post earlier today and had a good laugh, because it doesn’t apply to Tel Aviv only but rather to Israel in general. I might do a similar list for Beer Sheva one day but for now I will only add few more points to this list:

21. Your bike has been stolen in less than 3 months.

22. You are more afraid of being overdressed than under-dressed when you didn’t even think that such a concept existed.

23. You see your face or your friend’s on some rando’s fridge because they were at the same wedding as you and you ended up on their magnet.

24. You wear winter clothes the second day of rain and complain about the cold when the temperature won’t actually go bellow 23 degrees.

25. You use the “rega” (“moment”) more than you want to admit when you found it being the rudest thing ever six months ago. But how do you tell someone to wait for a second when he’s interrupting your conversation with someone else?

26. You notice a BMW in the street because it looks “fancy” (particularly relevant when you come from Switzerland).

27. Working on Sundays has become perfectly natural and you always wonder for a second why your friends on Facebook are posting photos of brunches.

28. You have learnt that rules are mere suggestions, because “they” don’t really mean it.

29. Deadlines are negotiable. In fact, almost anything is negotiable.

30. You feel that you sound like your grandmother when you start a sentence with “During the war…”.

I could probably go on but I will save it for another post.

Bubble Perspectives

After reading 20 signs you’ve been in Sweden too long and finding it pretty interesting and ammusing, since I am Swedish myself, here is my collection of 20 signs you’ve been in Tel Aviv too long.

Photographer: Angelika Nocky Photographer: Angelika Nocky

1. You use the word Yalla for every occasion.

Yalla, is originally an Arabic expression but is also commonly used as a Hebrew slang. It is one of the most usable expressions among Israelis in daily life, and depending on the ciromstances it can mean hurry up, come on, let’s go, sure, bye, let’s hang up, I’m in… If you used to find the expression a bit odd at first, you have now successfully made it a part of your own vocabulary and know how to use it with the right tone of voice to call for action, replace a sentence, or answer a question.

2. You always show up…

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