Random thought process of an average Ph.D. student

“Science is beautiful, it’s the future, I am contributing to make the world a better place.”

“Not sure this project is gonna save someone’s life but at least it will be a good publication.”

“Is it coffee time yet?”

“I knew I had something important to do today, but can’t remember what.”

“Do we have a government yet? Maybe I should read the news…”

“Okay, this task is boring, but keep the big picture in mind, you’re doing it for science.”

“What am I gonna do after the PhD?”

“Is it lunch lime yet?”

“I think a career in the academics would suit me, I love the research part and teaching is meaningful.”

“Oh good, a seminar, best excuse for procrastinating.”

“So where was I? What did I write here? It doesn’t make sense, I wonder what I meant…”

“Arrrrrg, why are students so stupid??? I need an other red pen. Stop writing in red, red is for me!!!”

“I should find a conference abroad to go see my friends and get the flight paid for.”

“Maybe I will have a hard time falling asleep if I drink that fifth coffee. Or is it sixth?”

“I wonder which one of the skills I am acquiring now could be useful if I’d decide to work in the industry eventually.”

“Is it too late to learn an actual profession? Trading is not so bad after all.”

“Maybe I should start looking for a rich husband.”

“I should have had kids when I was in high school, they would be big enough now for me to focus on a carrier.”

“There must be a way to get paid for sending relevant articles and cat videos to people.”

“What if my research won me a Nobel price?”

“I should work more, starting of today, I will work at least 12 hours a day, I really need to make progress on this project.”

“I haven’t checked Facebook for like an hour, what’s going on there?”

“I need chocolate.”

“Two years left until the end of the PhD and I don’t even know in which country I would like to live.”

“I should write a blog post. I hope they will like it. Maybe they won’t think it’s funny, I should probably be reading papers instead.”


Random thought process of an average Ph.D. student. Can be repeated as many time as needed. More than once a day. Not necessarily in that order.

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