Intifada 3.0

Since two weeks, Israelis’ newsfeeds are not filled with baby or wedding photos as much as with alerts of terror attacks, whether it is someone who got stabbed in the middle of the street or like this morning, a failed attempt at suicide bombing. Sadly, it’s probably not long before one actually succeeds despite the heavy security measures since there are attempts several times a day. 12088556_1051077398260076_6296155311120494470_n
We are trying not to panic, to keep living as usual but signs that life is not normal again are all around. The terraces are not as crowded as usual despite the nice weather, children daycares are requested to lock their doors to avoid intruders, everyone is registering for self-defense class or buying pepper spray.

The more subtle and pervasive changes can’t be seen. And I hate that we have to come to this: you can’t walk the street without looking around, trying to assess if the person in front or behind you is a potential threat. You only put on one of your ear plug to stay aware of your surroundings and cross the street as fast as possible to avoid being rolled over. You look in the glass of shops not to check your hair but if someone suspicious is not following you. You freak out when your GPS leads you by mistake in an Arab neighborhood and hope that the comments the guys are obviously making are only about your skirt. You avoid taking the bus and if you do so, you consider everyone as a potential enemy, staying closer to the doors just in case and avoiding people too covered or carrying big bags.

Terror is not solution. Attacking people in the streets, throwing stones at cars on the highway causing deadly accident, killing parents on the front seat of their cars with their children in the back is not justifiable. It’s not the sign of people longing for peace. They only seek violence, hate and war. Nothing good can come out of this.

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