Post 50.

Lists are your favourite type of article so for the fiftieth post, here are two:

Why I will never really be an Israeli:

  1. I didn’t grow up here.
  2. I will never lose my accent.
  3. I (hopefully) will never lose the French touch in my style.
  4. I didn’t go to the army.
  5. I didn’t go to the mandatory post-army trip to India or South America.
  6. I am not talking about leaving this country all the time.
  7. I don’t shout at people (most of the time at least).
  8. On my ID, it says my origin is the airport.
  9. I cannot eat a crude onion or bite a piece of garlic.
  10. I was not raised by an Israeli mother (and that makes a HUGE difference).newgirsl30

Why I will never really be not-Israeli anymore:

  1. I can’t imagine wearing heels on a daily basis.
  2. I can’t stand French tourists.
  3. I learnt to tell someone that I was first in the line and proceed like they don’t exist.
  4. I negotiate all the time and became pretty good at this.
  5. I never leave the house before the time of the meeting anymore.
  6. I would probably die of sun deficiency if I had more than a month per year without it.
  7. I kind of consider flip-flop as actual shoes.
  8. I am PTSDed from war.
  9. More than half-an-hour far is too far.
  10. I love it here and would miss it anywhere else.

20 little things that make me happy

photo1. Seeing the moon before dusk.

2. Having only 4% of battery left on my phone, transforming a normal meeting into a “mission impossible” scenario.

3. A long ride with music, looking through the window.

4. Seeing a camel.

5. An absurd message from a friend, completely out of the blue, which doesn’t even require an answer.

6. The smell after a summer rain.

7. Spending hours on Skype with my friends and laugh uncontrollably just like when we meet in real life.

8. The noise of ballet shoes on a wooden stage.

9. Making crazy scenarios and pseudo-scientific theories around a cup of Starbucks (I am looking right at you B).

10. Smiling while remembering a good memory and realizing you crossed someone’s else gaze.

11. Storms when I am cozy inside.

12. Brushing a stranger’s hand by mistake and leaving it there just an extra second.

IMG_3330 13. Having a dream about a loved one and feeling as if they were right next to me all day.

14. Being exactly where the doors open when the train stops.

15. Finding a long forgotten little notebook with lists and memories.

16. Striking items out a long to-do list.

17. Receiving a letter from abroad.

18. Buying a new book.

19. A light stroke on the cheek.

20. Laying on the sofa in the freshness of a summer evening and listening to classical music, thinking that I am lucky.